Most of the electronic devices we use are often designed by PCB Assembly companies from just an idea. Afterwards, this idea is taken through several processes before it is eventually manufactured into the market as a product. Irrespective of how much of a process it may be, it is of utmost importance that you thoroughly consider each process and stage. Doing so will not only ensure that you have the product easy for manufacturing, it will also enable you to get the product ready for the market, once it is manufactured.

Steps to take from Product Concept in Readiness for Manufacturing

Before you even start thinking about the different steps that you need to take for the manufacturing of your product, you need to first of all consider the following about the product you are looking to design.

Product Concept and Idea

• You need to at least have a rough idea about the product that you are looking to design and manufacture. You can get some ideas from some of the products that are already existing.
• This will then make it easy for you to modify and get your own product that is an improved better version.
• You need to ask yourself questions such as who your potential target market may be, how great the demand for your product is out there and whether your product will bring the much-needed solutions to your target market.
• You need to plan how you will market the product and decide which marketing channels to incorporate eg. SEO, Google Ads, PPC, social media marketing, etc. Contacting an agency that offers Gilbert SEO services will be valuable in building awareness for the new product.
• Additionally, you need to find out about the approximate size of your target market, and how much funding you have got for the manufacture of your product.
• You can, for instance, decide to analyze the market places online wherein you are able to find some descriptions for the electronic product that you may be looking to have ready for design and manufacture.

Product Research

• When you have though of the kind of product you are planning on designing and manufacturing, the next thing you need to do is to conduct very thorough research about it.
• Adequate research will enable you to validate your product. This is because you will get to know what exactly the market is in need for. For this reason, you will not waste your time and resources for an idea that is likely to fail or not sell.
• You can do your research by talking about it to your friends and families, to get to hear what they say about it, conducting a survey online, or even requesting for feedback on online forums such as Reddit.
• Whenever you are carrying out your research however, you need to ensure that you only use feedback from an audience that is not biased at all. You also need to get assurance from them that they will be able to buy your product once it is out.


• It is very crucial that you take your time to adequately plan and get your prototype built before you get to the actual processes of designing your product all the way to the manufacturing stage.
• Planning will help you greatly in having a design of your product so that the entire procedure flows smoothly without so much struggle.
• What you need to do during planning is having a rough sketch that is hand-drawn.
• The sketch is supposed to be as detailed as possible, with labels giving brief explanations to the different functions and features of the product you want to launch.
• You do not really have to sweat out the drawing at this point, since it will just be a rough idea of what you want to undertake. It is not the final one that the manufacturer will be given.
• You however need to ensure that you have listed all the materials and materials that are required to bring your product to life eventually.
• In as much as the sketch will not include all the components that you want to potentially have, you need to prepare it in such a way that it is sufficient enough to help you with the design and creation of your product.


• The main aim of the Prototyping phase is basically to be able to have a finished product creation, that is able to be used for mass production sampling.
• Prototyping will help you greatly by being able to reduce any uncertainties and in the process doing away with any risks that may be encountered during the launch of the product.
• When you are able to know what exactly the needs of your potential customers will be, then you will be able to have the necessarily solutions developed beforehand.
• You can brain storm with other people, in a bid to have your concept ready for prototyping. During the brain storming, you can discover the elements that may for instance be necessary for the final product to be launched.
• Additionally, you will find out the necessary factors that can be put in place to ensure that the durability of the product is greatly enhanced.

Product Sourcing

• When you have done prototyping for your product and are satisfied with the feedback, what you need to do next is to source out for the materials you need to officially begin your product design.
• Also, you need to look for the relevant production partners that you can work with. A company such as Spline Engineering Services may be a very good consideration.
• You therefore need to build your supply chain by ensuring that you have all the resources that you may require.